Most Promising Cryptocurrency

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You cannot doubt that we are currently living in the most technologically advanced era of human existence. We have done more with technology in the past few decades than people have in human history, and it is just going to continue. With things beginning to change, we all have to be adaptable and start doing things differently. We cannot stay stuck in the past or we are going to miss out on big things that this world has to offer. One of the most confusing and inspiring inventions in the past decade is the foundation for cryptocurrencies. If you have never heard of it before, it is time to start doing your research as this has the power to fully change the way we use our money.

The most promising cryptocurrency and why use cryptocurrency?

Most of us grew up in one country and became accustomed to how that country does the “whole money” situation. This usually involves in having a currency of that country, that looks different from other countries, and you keep it in the bank for it to be safe. This allows you to also make the global economy greater, and your money sits and collects value over time. However, this is changing for a lot of people nowadays.

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People do not want a currency tied down to a single country, and they also do not want to leave it in a bank at the risk that bank goes under. This is why people developed the cryptocurrency: a virtual online currency that allows you to buy and send money online without any exchange rates. It can be used all around the world at the same value.

There is more than one cryptocurrency

Sometimes people are confused when it comes to cryptocurrency, because they think it is just one currency. While that was the case back in 2009, it has grown into a huge culture of a large number of different cryptocurrencies. Each of these is worth something different, and you can get trapped by getting a cryptocurrency that is actually a complete scam. This is why we recommend finding a cryptocurrency that is strong and this is the most promising. Every year cryptocurrencies fluctuate depending on how many people are using them, and how many people are buying them. This is why it is good to know which one is on top and which are best to stay away from.

The most promising cryptocurrency

We know that we targeted this article toward one cryptocurrency, but there are so many promising ones that we are going to share with you. We have put them in order so you can find out which one is going to work for you the best when it comes to making a final decision.


Obviously, the most promising cryptocurrency is also the one that started it all: Bitcoin. It is the one that is still the most popular and is known throughout the entire world. It also has the biggest market cap of around $41 million and its used around the world. It works great and hardly anyone complains about it. The currency of bitcoins is also known as BTCs, which are digital tokens that you use as currency. It is definitely the most promising because even after 8 years, it is continuing to grow and people are using it worldwide. Because it is worth so much money, expect all the kinks to be ironed out soon in order to make it the very best cryptocurrency.


This is another promising cryptocurrency on the market right now. It uses a different blockchain than Bitcoin, but is still very promising. It has expanded a lot over the past couple years and people are excited about where the Ethereum is going to go. Now this is a very volatile currency that goes up and down, so it can be very risky.

Other cryptocurrencies

If you are looking for other options there are Litecoin, Tezos, EOS, and Bancor that you can look into on your own time. All of them are great in their own way, with promising things about each. But at the end of the day, it is going to be hard for you to find one that is still as promising as Bitcoin and we can’t wait to see where it goes.

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